“ElectroMyoStimulation” with MihaBodyTech

EMS are the initials of ElectroMyoStimulation therefore electro-stimulation of the muscle by Mihabodytech and all over the body!

EMS Integral Training is a highly effective and time-saving method for increasing strength and muscle mass as well as reducing body fat.

A workout lasts 20 minutes and always takes place in the presence of a trained coach who monitors the training and the participant’s success. One session per week is enough to achieve personal goals with complete reliability. During a session, muscle strengthening exercises (squats, lunges, etc.) are carried out by combining voluntary contraction and electrical stimulation.

With Miha bodytec, leader on the EMS market, it is then possible to work 8 to 10 muscle zones at the same time (agonist and antagonist muscles, synergists and stabilizers) without stress on the joints and by personalizing the intensity of the contraction by zone.

This makes it accessible to everyone whatever their age and sporting level! In summary, EMS can be described as a very effective whole body workout to improve muscle strength and reduce body fat.